Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Page 1, panel 1 from the new graphic novel, Wednesday. Artwork by Alex Riegel, colors by John Bergin.

Wednesday: fast cars, nanobots, sock monkeys. The post-apocalypse as you've never seen it before. 

You'll want to buckle your seat belt.

Or don't. It's your concussion.

We'll be posting some behind-the-scenes, making-of, and related stuff. Keeping it vague for a little while. You'll catch glimpses of action and meet some of the main characters in passing. Don't want to spoil the surprise.

Written by myself, John Bergin, with art by Alex Riegel. We'll be posting links and a gallery here soon of some of Alex's other AMAZING work.

Currently about 1/2 finished. More-frequent posts and more detail as we near the day of World War Wednesday.